Sunday Morning Chatter

Good morning lovely,

Every Sunday I will be doing a morning chatter post. Mainly reflections on my week and what I am most grateful for. Just as a warning these posts will all be written the night before and scheduled to post in the following morning.

This week I’ve been blessed in so many things. I Found my job at the florist shop not to long ago and I can say its the best place I have ever worked. I genuinely love my job and so far I love the people I work with.

This week I’ve also learned to be grateful for friends, This blessing comes in a form of a trial. I have a very old car and it has a lot of problems so twice I has acted up this week. Monday it died on me and just wouldn’t stop so my husbands boss drove all the way up to where I work just to jumpstart my vehicle. And then just two nights ago my oil pan somehow cracked and I was leaking oil on my vehicle horribly. So my husbands boss and one of his friends he works with came and stayed late at the shop to try to fix my car or at least get it drive able.

I’m also very thankful for my mother this week. I don’t tell her enough how thankful I am for her. The small town I live in doesn’t have a big grocery store and as you can probably tell by the way I described my car it wont make it all the way to a larger city to buy groceries. So my mother came and drove me thirty miles to go get groceries and of course we had to stop and enjoy Panera and ger my nails done ;).

So there you have it lovely , This is everything ive been blessed with this week, and I am even thankful for the blessings in disguise.