Tea Time #2

Hello again lovely,

So there are a few things I want to talk about with you today.

1st What book I am reading and enjoying

2nd What show am I currently obsessed with

3rd How my day went and what I did.

So lets start with topic #1

The book im reading currently is “The coldest girl in cold town” by Holly Black. Holy cow am I obsessed with this book like wow I think ive read through it in about a day and a half. Speaking of which I will have a full review up in a separate post. However I do wanna talk about it with you guys just briefly here. First off it’s a super interesting and surprisingly not cliché twist on a vampire book. Yes for those of you who have read it I realize it’s a little cliché but it has a better plot than any vampire book ive ever read.

Onto #2 The show that I am currently obsessed with is castle and I mean literally obsessed like I could probably watch all the seasons in less than a week obsessed. I mean who doesnt like Kate shes kick butt. However this a book blog so I should stop raving about a show haha.

And finally Topic #3 Today my husband and I went hunting (and just as a warning to all you who are against hunting you should probably stop reading this post now.) We went out duck hunting today didn’t get anything but that’s just how the cookie crumbles sometimes so such is life. After words I attended church with my mother while hubby went to work. Then I had a family barbecue and now im doing this so my day has just been full of activities its nice to just sit down and relax/

Any who that’s all I have to share with you this tea time , thanks for reading



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